At The Booth At The End you’ll find a mysterious man offering pacts in exchange for whatever your heart desires in this brilliant psychological-drama series.

The Booth At The End is a 2010 web series created by Christopher Kubasik, and starring Xander Berkeley.

The series follows several characters who separately visit a mysterious man in the back booth of an American diner. They approach him claiming that they’ve heard rumours that he is able to grant desires, and if so they want to use his services.

They tell the man what their desire is, and he then consults a rather ominous-looking book.

He then tells them what task they must perform in exchange for that desire. There’s one stipulation, they must continually update him on his or her progress.

Once the task is complete, the character’s desire is fulfilled.

It sounds simple, but the tasks are not, and normally involve doing some pretty dubious stuff.

The Booth at the End could be thought of as the Twilight Zone meets Faust’s Mephistopheles. It’s an engaging and engrossing web series that was written, developed and produced specifically with Internet viewers in mind.

Xander Berkley is mesmerising as the eerie, anonymous Man, and effortlessly drives the story forward.

What’s especially innovative about The Booth at the End is that it manages to be a suspenseful drama while taking place entirely within the confines of a diner. The short nature of the episodes keeps the story from overstaying its welcome and allows us to digest each segment of the story.

You’ll see a few famous faces pop up in the booth, including Xander Berkley’s real-life wife and former 24 co-star Sarah Clarke.

The series ran for two seasons. It deserved a much longer run.

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