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British Animated Short Film

The Sandman – A Dark Fairytale Told In Stop-Motion Animation

The Sandman 1991 British Short Animation Film - Best Movies To Watch Before You Die

A nightmarish and unforgettable masterpiece, beautifully crafted, and enhanced by the creepiness of the stop-motion animation.

The Sandman is a 1991 stop-motion animation film, animated and directed by the late Paul Berry (1961–2001), with Colin Batty, Ian Mackinnon and Richard Sykes as puppeteers and set designers.

The sandman, traditionally the character that sprinkles dust into childrens’ eyes to send them to sleep, is reimagined as a menacing creature that brings horror to children.

The plot is a simple one.

When the clock strikes 8 o’clock a young boy is sent to bed with a cursory pat on the head and nothing more than a candle for light.

He gets into bed, but as he lies there in the darkness things start to go bump in the night… Is he imagining it? Or is there something more sinister at play?

Paul Berry creates a darkly atmospheric film that evokes and preys on our childhood fears and nightmares.

The film’s look is dark and menacing. The design is gothic and minimalist, set to a palette of black, grey and blue. The eerie music and sound effects add to the sinister atmosphere.

The film was self-funded by the filmmakers, and took three years to make with a tiny crew in their spare time.

The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 1993, and won the Best Short Film Award at Annecy the following year..

Watch The Sandman HERE:

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  1. Defo don’t watch it right before bedtime! One of the best animated shorts I have seen.

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